New tech trends

How to choose the best for you?

Embrace the latest tech trends with confidence by staying on top of major brand announcements.

High-tech gadgets

The must-have gadgets of the year

High-tech gadgets are a clever blend of innovation and lifestyle enhancement.

Wireless headphones with active noise reduction, immersive virtual reality headsets, virtual assistants…

High-tech gadgets have become a must-have for technology enthusiasts and professionals looking for high-performance tools.

Tech accessories

Smartphones and computers
that make a splash

If you work on a laptop, invest in an ergonomic keyboard and precise mouse to enhance your productivity. New smartphones offer ever more sophisticated functions.

Multifunctional tablets

Tablets with detachable keyboards are great for working on the move.

Smart screens

Smart screens are useful devices that simplify your life.

VR headsets

VR headsets provide an unparalleled sense of immersion.

Multiple cameras

Multi-cameras are revolutionizing the world of photography and cinema.

Home electronics

Transform your home
into a technological oasis

Home electronics can transform your home into a comfortable, practical and connected space. The advantage of a smart home is that it anticipates your needs.


Security cameras for intelligent surveillance systems

Security cameras help prevent crime.


Home assistant robots to simplify household chores

Domestic assistant robots perform tasks at specific times.


Smoke detectors to alert occupants

Invest in a smoke detector to protect your family and property.


Smart plugs with wireless technology

Some smart plugs save energy.

Product data management

PIM, your product information manager

Goaland PIM is a product information management (PIM) solution that adapts to your business. This tool controls your product information and analyzes data and flows in real time.

Optimization of marketing processes


speed to

Advanced programming

Popular programming

Programming languages are the building blocks of modern technology. They empower developers to create software, web applications, games, and much more. From the popular JavaScript used to enhance web pages, to the robust Python appreciated for its versatility and simplicity, each language has its own characteristics and advantages.

Website development

Selling products or promoting services

Web developers use a range of programming languages to create websites.

Application development

Choose the right application system

Mobile applications offer a personalized user experience, from online shopping to banking services.

Software development

Opportunity for learning and innovation

Every line of code contributes to the creation of applications and software that make our daily lives easier.


Interactive websites, web applications and games.


A flexible and versatile programming language.


For high-performance, efficient applications.

Trends and innovations

Concrete applications of new technologies

Towards a smarter world

Technological innovations
that will change everyday life

A number of innovations are shaping our future. Among them: augmented reality, personalized medicine, renewable energy, the Internet of Things… These innovations offer new opportunities and exciting experiences.

Additive manufacturing
Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. 3D printing enables objects to be created by superimposing layers of material.
Smart cities
Smart cities are urban centers that use technology to improve the quality of life for their inhabitants.

Online privacy

Tools to protect your personal data

Password management

Good password management is essential to prevent security breaches and identity theft.

Security policies

By implementing security policies, a company can reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Vulnerability analysis

Vulnerability analysis involves identifying potential vulnerabilities in a system, network or application.