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Need For a Responsive Website Design as the Best SEO Strategy for Mobile 

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With so much emphasis on the digital world and the ever expanding mobile device market, it has become increasingly important for businesses to not only have an engaging website, but one that works on all platforms. Responsive web design refers to the process where websites are created with mobile customers in mind. In the simplest of terms, responsive web design means that a webpage will automatically reconfigure itself to adjust to the platform an end user is using. This means that the web page will look great and be simple to use whether the individual is on a large, state of the art desktop or on a tiny smart phone using any one of hundreds of mobile browsing technology.

Why is this better than simply having different sites developed for desktop/laptop use and mobile use? Google Loves Responsive Having a responsive website automatically earns you favour in Google’s eyes…and since everyone is striving to gain favour with Google, it only makes sense to do what you can to look good in their eyes. Google has made it known that using RWD technology is the best way to engage mobile users and has demonstrated their dedication to the growing trend of mobile technology by placing greater emphasis on the websites who use RWD.


One Website, One URL Using responsive web design means that you only have one URL to maintain. Not only is this a good thing when it comes to updating your content, but building authority for just one site is infinitely easier than doing it for two. It’s no secret that separate mobile sites simply don’t rank as well as desktop sites and building authority is difficult.

However, by using responsive web design technology, not only can you focus your SEO efforts on one URL. You can maintain your backlinks and boost your search engine ranking position, or SERP. Having one URL is also infinitely easier to build social shares for. Responsive Helps Combat a High Bounce Rate Every website owner and SEO expert knows that the success or failure of any website is its bounce rate. Websites that have a great ranking, but are hard for mobile users to navigate will usually lose position due to high bounce rates.

Responsive websites combat high bounce rates due to dissimilar or stripped down information that is commonly used on most separate mobile sites because it allows the site to remain the same yet remain functional, eliminating the need to compromise content and shortchange your audience. Finding the information they are looking for helps keep them on the page and reduces bounce. User Experience is Enhanced At the end of the day; websites are simply tools that enable us to share information with each other. Sites that are more user-friendly accomplish this goal much more handily than those that don’t.

This is one of the main reasons Google places so much emphasis on the use of responsive web design technology. Responsive design helps modern websites appeal to modern users. Mindarc Digital is a leader in website creation using responsive web design. This Sydney based web design company design websites that are truly responsive as well as provide content creation and search engine ranking position tracking to all of their customers.

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